1 flower holiday, 1 wedding, 2 banquets, 6 days


Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is a major holiday in the flower world.  We love love!  There are men and women of all ages buying for family, friends and lovers.  Although we encourage gifts all throughout the year and the week of the big day, most people deliver on Feb. 14.  This is a major task for our flower team.  There is much to do in the days leading up to the event as far as flower and arrangement preparation.  The day of, we are in very early wrapping up our predeliveries and organizing the driver’s routes before we open the doors for a steady stream of walk in customers for the day.  It is hard to describe the energy, fun, and stress that florists go through!


This year we incorporated a few new products to mix with the classic dozen red roses.  We got in David Austin garden roses, as well as some certified fair trade roses from Ecuador.


I had about a 1/2 day to breath and recuperate on Feb 15, until the fun continued!  I worked with a great couple, Emily and Brock on their Louis Riel long weekend winter wedding.  We were going for an elegant but natural look and I think it turned out well.


We used ranunculus, anemones, dusty miller, brunia and thistles.


We kept the boutonnieres simple with thistles and a touch of brown with a cinamon stick for the groom.

Next up:  banquets!


Banquet #1 was a smaller, formal event.  We went with simple pincusion protea for a punch of color in the middle of winter.

Banquet #2 was 2 days later and a larger, less formal event.  The organizers were hoping to bring flowers from the first event over, so we went with a complimentary colored rose called circus.Image

On top of table centers, they ordered 150 corsages!


My fingers were cramping a bit by the end of the day:)

All in all, it was a whirlwind week full of great clients, beautiful flowers and lots of helpers.  I’m not going to lie, if it were my choice, I would have spaced them out a bit….but we can’t always choose these things and I am thankful for the great opportunities.

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