Happy New Years!


I was asked to come by the CTV morning live studio for some tips on transitioning your arrangement from Christmas to New Years.

1. Lose the red for your winter whites:

-replace red vases/ornaments/flowers/candles with white/gold/silver

2. Bring on the glitz and glam:

-spray glass mason jars gold or silver and add a few fresh florals to your already existing holiday greens

3. Tis the season for regifting:

-a vase you don’t think you’d use?  Tie some fabric around it like a cloth napkin you don’t think you would use and fill with a bouquet to pass on to someone who would love it.


I got a call when I got back to the shop that the night news needed some ideas too!  So a reporter came to the shop for some last minute tips.

1. Open your cupboard:

-take out wine glasses, tea cups, oversize vases, ornaments you didn’t use.  Put your wineglass upside down and place the candle on top, put a flower in a tea cup and fill those large vases with all one color ornaments

2. Add a bit of color:

-We’re not quite ready for yellow or orange, but a touch of pink or purple is great! But keep the cedar/pine to keep it looking wintery

3. Start your resolutions now! :

-put single blossoms in small cubes or cups and have a few at the party ready to give away as door prizes.  An added bonus, ask guests to pay it forward and give their gift to someone who didn’t have the greatest holiday.  No one expects a New Years gift!  It will make someone’s day.

Happy and healthy New Year to everyone!  Looking forward to a great 2015