Table for 1201

goldspray table1201

When I heard was putting on Table 1201, I knew I had to get involved!  I saw all the tweets last year during the event, but I was too late to join in the fun.

First step after confirming our table guest list, was to come up with a theme for decorations.  My table captain Jodie and I, found flower lampshades on pinterest and we fell in love!  Next up was checking out second hand stores and our parents’ basements to find a few we could use.  They were various sizes but we tied them together by spraying them gold.

The day of the event is when we started working with the fresh flowers.  We used a pan glue in an old deepfry pan heated to 250 degrees F and dipped 250 white flat mum blooms into the pan and glued them to the shade.  It took Jodie a solid 2 hours of work, but it was so worth it!


The afternoon of the event, we got the email of the location at the Legislative building. I was so excited to hear they chose the heart of the city.  There’s a beautiful space behind the building that does not get enough activity, in my opinion.

We started our set up on a sunny afternoon with our own chairs, linens, table runner and centerpieces. Tables and dinnerware were provided.


As soon as we all arrived in white, the work was over and the fun began!


What a great experience.  We filled our glasses and walked around the circle to check out all the creative table settings.  There were students who made their own chairs, structures that were painted and placed on the table, driftwood, a “red river” that was a board with a pathway carved out of it to pour wine in and so many more.


We sat down and enjoyed a meal of interesting flavors.  It was just lovely to sit outside on a warm May night in downtown Winnipeg with a mix of 1200 strangers, acquaintances and friends.

Til next time!