Pop ups and Workshops

The phrase “Pop up” is popping up more and more.  Its essentially a market set up for a day in a non permanent location.  This year I popped up at http://www.theforks.com for the http://www.thirdandbirdevents.com market and had a great time.  I wanted my own unique take on winter wreaths so I took to my own back yard and cut down grapevines to use as the base.  I had a friend come and man the booth with me for the day and help adding decorative touches.


My other favorite holiday activity is hosting workshops.  First up was a private party that came downtown to visit me.  We made fresh wreaths and I loved to see the glitter and sparkly ribbon they added.


Next up was a public event at http://www.theforks.com

There was a terrible snow storm that day, but we got there, set up some music, had healthy tea from ” Get juiced” and started creating.  These ladies snatched up willow branches and burlap for a more natural look. I also had my youngest student yet!  Only 8 years old and very keen.

One of the participants posted a lovely verse:

“A solstice wreath – *handmade* with symbolism and significance during these every shortening days in anticipation of the coming promise of approaching spring light (yes, I have faith the light will return).

Circular for eternal rebirth.
Evergreen for perseverance through the forces of winter.
Berries and conifer cones for the nurturing energies generously given by the trees.
Cedar to protect, heal and cleanse.
Fir for courage and a symbol of springtime.
Pine for eternal life, to dream and reach for the stars.

This magical wreath hangs on the door to our home, offering blessings of nature, good fortune, strength and protection to all who walk through.

Sending *love and light* to all as we approach the Winter Solstice.”

I really appreciated the thoughtfulness with which she approached the activity.  It helped remind me that creating can be a very meaningful thing if we intend it to be.