Easter and beyond

tulip tower
This cylinder is a great way to trim some tulips that you have had for a couple days that may be getting fragile. They will keep their form and shape in this for several more days than if they were loose coming out the top of your vase.
What to do with all that leftover candy so its not right at your fingertips? Use a small jar that sits nicely in a large bowl and fill the outside with your candy.  Make sure when you add water to the small jar inside you don’t spill water over into the candy.  Water and sugar do not mix!
Have some extra dye from your Easter egg coloring kit?  Find a vase that you won’t mind if the dye tints it a bit and fill with water/color to desired shade.  I recommend using complimentary shades of colors of flowers so that the dye doesn’t bleed into the flowers.  (stay away from white blooms)
Green on green is a great example of the use of dye and flowers.  This bouquet includes long lasting spider mums, berries and kale.

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