Ctv Morning Live Wpg Wedding Trends 2016


I had the privilege of taping a wedding trends segment with Eleanor Coopsammy on CTV morning live Wpg last week.  As I was researching, I kept coming back to these simple, soft colored blooms and I thought “why mess with a timeless classic?”  So I kept the florals very neutral. www.winnipeg.ctvnew.ca/ctv-morning-live



I called my trend “rustic elegance” to tie in the idea of a natural look like  being married outside or in a barn along with the elegance of it being a sacred day.  Bark tied around a jar or a leaf added to a “naked cake” could be sprayed gold.  www.thecupcakecorner.ca



Another natural trend is fresh wreaths with initials monogrammed.  You could have 2 with each initial hanging on the church doors or behind the head table.  Jbirds and Sonshine is a local company that does great wooden blocks with XO’s, Mr.&Mrs. or initials which are great decorations for a cake or guest book table and keepsakes for after.

Pop ups and Workshops

The phrase “Pop up” is popping up more and more.  Its essentially a market set up for a day in a non permanent location.  This year I popped up at http://www.theforks.com for the http://www.thirdandbirdevents.com market and had a great time.  I wanted my own unique take on winter wreaths so I took to my own back yard and cut down grapevines to use as the base.  I had a friend come and man the booth with me for the day and help adding decorative touches.


My other favorite holiday activity is hosting workshops.  First up was a private party that came downtown to visit me.  We made fresh wreaths and I loved to see the glitter and sparkly ribbon they added.


Next up was a public event at http://www.theforks.com

There was a terrible snow storm that day, but we got there, set up some music, had healthy tea from ” Get juiced” and started creating.  These ladies snatched up willow branches and burlap for a more natural look. I also had my youngest student yet!  Only 8 years old and very keen.

One of the participants posted a lovely verse:

“A solstice wreath – *handmade* with symbolism and significance during these every shortening days in anticipation of the coming promise of approaching spring light (yes, I have faith the light will return).

Circular for eternal rebirth.
Evergreen for perseverance through the forces of winter.
Berries and conifer cones for the nurturing energies generously given by the trees.
Cedar to protect, heal and cleanse.
Fir for courage and a symbol of springtime.
Pine for eternal life, to dream and reach for the stars.

This magical wreath hangs on the door to our home, offering blessings of nature, good fortune, strength and protection to all who walk through.

Sending *love and light* to all as we approach the Winter Solstice.”

I really appreciated the thoughtfulness with which she approached the activity.  It helped remind me that creating can be a very meaningful thing if we intend it to be.


Winnipeg Art Gallery Ball 2015

I was thrilled to be asked to design for this year’s Gallery Ball.  http://wag.ca/

We met to walk through the galleries to get some inspiration.

We loved Gallery 4 with the mix of black and white photography as well as interesting paintings such as this.


We thought it best to stay with a simple color palette, so we picked up on the greens and oranges in the paintings.  We were also thinking about the theme of light, so over the summer Penny and Wade collected lamps from yard sales.  Jodie spent a solid 4 hours and 200 blooms to use florist’s glue to attach the blossoms to the shade.


We used the lamps as vessels to attach florals to the tops of for the rest of the tables.  Pincusion protea were the focal flower in those bouquets.

I got a call a few weeks ahead that they added some tables to a room and needed more florals but in a different theme.  I called up my creative friend from Oakbank, Tammy, to see what she was working on at the time.


Her husband created these “place mat” trunks from trees in their yard and I thought they went fabulously with the rustic artwork in the room.  We went with a wild flower mix of fillers in the vases with some bold reds to bring out the colors in the paintings.


This year, the gallery sent a photographer to the shop to do a little profile and photo shoot with me.  it was very interesting to have still shots taken of me.  I’m much more comfortable with movement and interaction than with posing, but I had a great time and was happy with the result.


When set up was done, Jodie came to get some shots of the pieces.  It makes such a difference to have a semi professional with a good camera come and capture the rooms.  I can’t thank her enough for her time and great eye!

Another great year and experience.  I love being able to interact with the florists doing the other rooms and cheer each other on to be creative.

Can’t wait til next year.

Table for 1201

goldspray table1201

When I heard http://www.storefrontmb.ca was putting on Table 1201, I knew I had to get involved!  I saw all the tweets last year during the event, but I was too late to join in the fun.

First step after confirming our table guest list, was to come up with a theme for decorations.  My table captain Jodie and I, found flower lampshades on pinterest and we fell in love!  Next up was checking out second hand stores and our parents’ basements to find a few we could use.  They were various sizes but we tied them together by spraying them gold.

The day of the event is when we started working with the fresh flowers.  We used a pan glue in an old deepfry pan heated to 250 degrees F and dipped 250 white flat mum blooms into the pan and glued them to the shade.  It took Jodie a solid 2 hours of work, but it was so worth it!


The afternoon of the event, we got the email of the location at the Legislative building. I was so excited to hear they chose the heart of the city.  There’s a beautiful space behind the building that does not get enough activity, in my opinion.

We started our set up on a sunny afternoon with our own chairs, linens, table runner and centerpieces. Tables and dinnerware were provided.


As soon as we all arrived in white, the work was over and the fun began!


What a great experience.  We filled our glasses and walked around the circle to check out all the creative table settings.  There were students who made their own chairs, structures that were painted and placed on the table, driftwood, a “red river” that was a board with a pathway carved out of it to pour wine in and so many more.


We sat down and enjoyed a meal of interesting flavors.  It was just lovely to sit outside on a warm May night in downtown Winnipeg with a mix of 1200 strangers, acquaintances and friends.

Til next time!

Wedding trends 2015


I had the opportunity to tape a wedding trends segment on CTV morning live and had a lovely time with Eleanor Coopsammy.  http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/ctv-morning-live/2.1032


A continuing trend from last year and into this year is vintage chic.  Its an elegant and soft color look that has a whimsical feel to it because its not perfectly sculpted.  This bouquet has Alexandra farms pink/white o’hare as well as vitality garden roses, silver brunia, seeded eucalyptus, lisianthus, stock and dendrobium orchids.



Another trend is the bridal party PARTY.   Its a DIY trend where you get together with crafty friends and family to create and maybe save a few dollars.  I had a flower crown party at the shop and we had a great time.  The crowns can be used for a shower, engagement party or flower girl.  (I recommend getting a professional to make if the bride wants to wear one)  You can also have a centerpiece party with your group 2-3 days in advance.  Collect mix and match jars and vases, buy bulk flowers or fillers and fill each vase with all the same flower/color.


Lastly, more of a reminder than a trend is to make it personal.  This bouquet has wheat in it perfect for the prairie bride.


This bouquet honored the bride’s culture and looked lovely with her sari and henna.


sarah's wedding 3

This bride added charms to the stem with photos of beloved family members that had passed away.



Fair trade roses are now available in many colors for the socially conscious bride.



And on the same wavelength, these locally grown flowers support the Manitoban farmers.


Happy New Years!


I was asked to come by the CTV morning live studio for some tips on transitioning your arrangement from Christmas to New Years.

1. Lose the red for your winter whites:

-replace red vases/ornaments/flowers/candles with white/gold/silver

2. Bring on the glitz and glam:

-spray glass mason jars gold or silver and add a few fresh florals to your already existing holiday greens

3. Tis the season for regifting:

-a vase you don’t think you’d use?  Tie some fabric around it like a cloth napkin you don’t think you would use and fill with a bouquet to pass on to someone who would love it.


I got a call when I got back to the shop that the night news needed some ideas too!  So a reporter came to the shop for some last minute tips.

1. Open your cupboard:

-take out wine glasses, tea cups, oversize vases, ornaments you didn’t use.  Put your wineglass upside down and place the candle on top, put a flower in a tea cup and fill those large vases with all one color ornaments

2. Add a bit of color:

-We’re not quite ready for yellow or orange, but a touch of pink or purple is great! But keep the cedar/pine to keep it looking wintery

3. Start your resolutions now! :

-put single blossoms in small cubes or cups and have a few at the party ready to give away as door prizes.  An added bonus, ask guests to pay it forward and give their gift to someone who didn’t have the greatest holiday.  No one expects a New Years gift!  It will make someone’s day.

Happy and healthy New Year to everyone!  Looking forward to a great 2015

Winnipeg Art Gallery Ball 2014

The Gallery ball is the black-tie event of the season, a glittering mix of art, fine dining, and live entertainment. All proceeds support kids programs at the WAG.

I was honored to be asked back this year to be one of the florists to design pieces for Gallery #1.

This year our gallery was filled with paintings done around the time of the Renaissance with mostly religious subject matter.”

Large abstract colour field painting that picked up the red in the other works - very well curated.
“Large abstract colour field painting that picked up the red in the other works – very well curated.”

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1 flower holiday, 1 wedding, 2 banquets, 6 days


Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is a major holiday in the flower world.  We love love!  There are men and women of all ages buying for family, friends and lovers.  Although we encourage gifts all throughout the year and the week of the big day, most people deliver on Feb. 14.  This is a major task for our flower team.  There is much to do in the days leading up to the event as far as flower and arrangement preparation.  The day of, we are in very early wrapping up our predeliveries and organizing the driver’s routes before we open the doors for a steady stream of walk in customers for the day.  It is hard to describe the energy, fun, and stress that florists go through!


This year we incorporated a few new products to mix with the classic dozen red roses.  We got in David Austin garden roses, as well as some certified fair trade roses from Ecuador.


I had about a 1/2 day to breath and recuperate on Feb 15, until the fun continued!  I worked with a great couple, Emily and Brock on their Louis Riel long weekend winter wedding.  We were going for an elegant but natural look and I think it turned out well.


We used ranunculus, anemones, dusty miller, brunia and thistles.


We kept the boutonnieres simple with thistles and a touch of brown with a cinamon stick for the groom.

Next up:  banquets!


Banquet #1 was a smaller, formal event.  We went with simple pincusion protea for a punch of color in the middle of winter.

Banquet #2 was 2 days later and a larger, less formal event.  The organizers were hoping to bring flowers from the first event over, so we went with a complimentary colored rose called circus.Image

On top of table centers, they ordered 150 corsages!


My fingers were cramping a bit by the end of the day:)

All in all, it was a whirlwind week full of great clients, beautiful flowers and lots of helpers.  I’m not going to lie, if it were my choice, I would have spaced them out a bit….but we can’t always choose these things and I am thankful for the great opportunities.

Habitat for Humanity Springfield Home Tours 2013

photo 1

I was so excited my friend Tammy Bredin asked me to participate in the decorating of her home in the Home Tour put on by Pineridge Hollow this season.  She had a rustic elegant theme with a focus on white, gold and burlap on the main floor, purples and greens on the second floor.

photo 2

I created a low round piece for the coffee table in front of the mantle with ornamental cabbage, lilies and touches of willow and magnolia to bring in the brown tones.   We put bundles of baby’s breath in mason jars to bring a touch of winter to the mantle.    An easy way to bring burlap into the room was a coffee table runner, burlap stockings and the base of the trees wrapped in burlap.  You could also cover mason jars with burlap and place ornaments or fresh greens inside.

photo 5

The dining room table also had a burlap runner.  All of the windows had permanent evergreen wreaths with a burlap tie.  There is great effect on a room when one theme is repeated and there are multiples of the same item.    I created a large showy piece for the table by glueing a plastic tray with foam on top of a 2′ cylinder vase.  This is a great way to create height for a piece without needing long stems.  I added touches of ornithogalum and freesia to the winter greens, magnolia and branches.

photo 4

The detail on each place setting did not go unnoticed.  Tammy had stamped each paper napkin with a beautiful saying.  The pine cone and rustic bow on the silverware tied everything together beautifully.

photo 3

The bedroom had a touch of purple which stood out against the neutral browns and burlap.  I did a simple arrangement of winter greens and cool water roses to accent.

A quote from their website summed up the event:

“In an effort to support our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity we are lending our full support to launch Habitat for Humanity Springfield’s Christmas home tours.
The home tours will consist of five homes and a local historic church brimming with holiday charm. The houses and owners are fabulous and they are making a tremendous donation of their time and talents. All proceeds will go directly to Habitat for Humanity Springfield. ”